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The F4 Scandi Bushcraft Knife borrows the classic F4 Bushcraft Survival Knife blade profile in 5/32" thick CPM 3V blade steel and features a 12.5° per side (25° inclusive), true scandi grind with canvas micarta handle scales in four different color options (black, natural, green and black layered or our website exclusive green). The flats of the blade are acid stonewashed which contrasts beautifully with the raw satin scandi bevel.

Prized by bushcrafters the world over, the scandi grind originated in Scandinavia and is renowned for its ability to glide through wood, as well as its relative ease of sharpening in the field. The scandi grind is sometimes referred to as a zero grind due to the lack of a secondary sharpening bevel along the edge. It is characterized by a steep angled primary bevel that extends all the way to the edge giving you greater control in the cut while whittling or carving.

The textured canvas micarta scales provide a softer feel in-hand and a sure grip in wet conditions.

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